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Sacred sites and museums
Sacred Sites & Museum
Can sacred sites merge with contemporary museums practice? To further highlight this point we’ve been working on an excellent case-study, the monumental Florentine complex of Santa Croce, which strongly combines both the function of a sacred place and that of a museum. Its masterpieces (by Giotto, Orcagna, Gaddi, Brunelleschi, Vasari, Bronzino, Canova etc.) are visited by nearly one million people a year. Thanks to a collaboration agreement between the Opera di Santa Croce and the University of Florence, new themes have been identified. They are issues related to the heavy transformations that have taken place in the architectural spaces of the complex, especially at the exterior, in front of Filippo Brunelleschi’s Cappella Pazzi. The decision to dedicate a master’s workshop to this topic merged with the new edition of the Museography and Exhibit Design Course that I held inside Santa Croce itself, once again by physically occupying the site of the project. Because of his relevant and long-term research on museums, the case-study SISMUS_TWO closes with a joint reflection with artist Daniel Buren, after we invited him to look into the transformed spaces of the complex.

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