Giacomo Pirazzoli, Università di Firenze
Ten years after No-Logo was published by Naomi Klein, several architectural firms, better known as “archistars”, went flying the whole world to deliver the strange fruits of their creativity. As a part of this labeling process, Logo-museums are now almost everywhere, often reminding the “firm” they were coming from.
By the way, dreams were sold at a certain price and according to some rules; economy and management were sometimes forced to support delirious projects, and funny shaped un-sustainable buildings were the result. Not always artworks inside are well displayed, even not correctly protected, often overlapped by hyperarchitecture itself; moreover, museum risks to became the new passive tool for entertainment, more than a real resource for education.
Over this global panorama, keeping multiplicity as a starting point, there’s much to work for the next museum, in order to create both new occasions for cross-cultural dialogue, and new places for social meeting and real interaction by the people.

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